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Despite of so many concerns and objections from the working class and people around the world, on Feb. 24 Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, and the war still goes on. And the damages of the  ordinary workers and people of the country keep growing during the battles. Thousands are dead, and the wounded and refugees are leaving their countries where they were born and grew up. And additional economic sanctions on Russia by capitalist powers such as the U.S and the NATO have caused another catastrophe for Russian people. 

Putin justified his action with claim from DPR and LPR, which have just independent from the Ukraine as pro Russian regimes, and raged the war on Ukraine, and the countries like the U.S blame Putin for it. But the U.S and the NATO’s member countries that have tried to expand their influence toward the East, have also the responsibility for this war. This war is simply the collision with two powers in Europe, and that is not for people but for profit and the expansion by the imperialist influence. 

So, the KRMU(Korea Rail and Metro Unions’ council hereby declares its belief on behalf of about 45,000 Korean rail and metro workers that this is not about democracy against authoritarianism or fascism, like the U.S and its allies insist, and only destruction of ordinary people’s lives by the clash of two powers. And we demand the immediate break of any kind of military actions in Ukraine by Russia or the U.S and its allies.

We want the war to immediate stop right now and remind how important human lives are, and ask people to join the anti war movement for peace. 

March 14 in 2022